Toronto 2009

Topics and Speakers

Introductory Comments

The Expert Team: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Cancer CareDr. Mary Gospodarowicz

Session 1: Diagnosis Biomarkers and Non-Surgical Treatments – Chair: Dr. Al Driedger

The Spectrum of Neuroendocrine TumoursDr. Simron Singh

Diagnosis: The Role of Nuclear MedicineDr. Al Driedger

Diagnosis and Surveillance: The Importance of Circulating MarkersDr. Thomas O’Dorisio

Session 2: Surgery: The Expert Views – Chair: Dr. Sherif Hanna, Dr. Natalie Coburn, Dr. Daryl Gray

Session 3: Medical and Radiation TherapiesDr. Thomas O’Dorisio

Session 4: Psychosocial Aspects in the Management of NETS

Quality of Life IssuesDr. Joy Ardill

Patients’ Perspectives on the Difficulties Diagnosing Carcinoid-NeuroEndocrine Tumours: A Qualitative StudyDr. Deana Midmer and Team

Session 5: CNETS Research: The 360 from Bench to Bedside ApproachCo-Chairs: Prof. Girish Shah and Dr. Sylvia Asa

Molecular Imaging of Neuroendocrine Tumours  – Dr. Kjell Oberg

Discovery of Novel Circulating MarkersDr. Joy Ardill

Animal Models of Carcinoid NETs: Opportunities to Examine Therapeutic Options  – Prof. Girish Shah

Cancer Genetics and Predisposition to DiseaseDr. Shereen Ezzat

Session 5: Identify Best Practices, Build a Strategic Plan for 21st Century NET Patient Care – Co-Chairs: Dr. Al Driedger and Jim Kormos

Carcinoid-Neuroendocrine Tumours in 2010: Where have we been, where are we, and where are we going?Dr. Kjell Oberg

Building a Strategic Vision to promote and create Pan Canadian Centres of NET Excellence.