Ever wondered whether the naturopathic approach to NET disease management might supplement your care regime?

Dr. Shainhouse has practised as a naturopathic doctor for 15 years and is the owner of Insight Naturopathic Clinic.  She successfully completed the examinations pertaining to the Fellow of the American Board of Naturopathic Oncology in 2010. Her private practice in mid-town Toronto is exclusive to oncology.  Dr. Shainhouse was involved in the development of the Adjunctive Cancer Care shifts at CCNM and has since continued to supervise an Observation Program at Sunnybrook Hospital’s Louise Temherty Breast Cancer Centre and most recently in the Neuro-oncology clinics at the Odette Cancer Centre.  She was a previous Integrative Medicine Editor for Cancer Knowledge Network, is a regular speaker at Wellspring, Gilda’s Club and is a volunteer writer/advisor for ReThink Breast Cancer.

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