In 2015, CNETS announced a new research funding framework.

The NET patient community has continually demonstrated a strong commitment to supporting CNETS fundraising efforts. Each year since 2015, we received almost $60,000 in donations at the Scotiabank Marathon events in Vancouver, Ottawa and Toronto.

Going forward, our goal is to leverage this commitment by encouraging local NET patients to direct their fundraising efforts towards specific high-priority projects. The proceeds would be pooled with contributions from CNETS and NET Centres to fund select research initiatives. By championing causes that will have a direct and meaningful impact on their own lives and the lives of other NET patients, we believe this approach will be highly inspirational and motivational. It will also enable us fund a greater number of research initiatives, that are more ambitious. We intend to fund up to three initiatives per year under this new framework.

Research funding priorities are determined yearly through consultation with the NET patient community, and input from CNETS Scientific and Medical Advisory Board.

In support of this initiative, CNETS will be issuing a yearly call for funding applications, inviting clinic-specific funding requests from hospitals that treat NET patients. The scope of projects eligible for funding will be broad; for example, requests can be related to a clinical trial, clinical or fundamental research fellow, or clinical research. Proceeds from certain fundraising efforts will also be directed to supporting the initiative.

CNETS is committed to improving the quality of life and survival for NET patients across Canada, and is confident that our new research funding framework will enable us to deliver on this vision.