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Community Events / Fundraising Toolkit

CNETS relies 100% on our community across the country to raise the critical dollars required to fund Canadian NET cancer research.  As an organization we utilize the Scotiabank Marathon events that take place in multiple cities across Canada as our main fundraising platform.  We have had incredible patient and caregiver engagement on these events and raised a substantial sum from them.  However we also rely on community organized events of which there have been many over the years.  We are so grateful to every community member who holds their own fundraising event, regardless of how big or small.  For anyone who is considering organizing an event we are delighted to launch our Fundraising Toolkit, to be used as a supportive guide throughout the event.

A special thanks to our Fundraising Toolkit Committee, Alwyn Robertson (Chair), Amanda Rice, Enrico Mandarino, Vanessa Mann, Tracey Sherwood and Lucy Kuczma, who worked very hard on updating this resource for our community.  In addition to this resource, we are always available to provide support and answer questions – just reach out at


Email for Sample Budget and Detailed Expense Tracker and a Donor Tracker/Pledge Sheet