Jacqueline Herman

JACKIE HERMAN currently holds position of President of CNETS Canada and became an active volunteer in the charitable sector as a result of her own diagnosis with neuroendocrine cancer in 2008. Her desire to make a difference on behalf of the NET patient community initially led to a sporadic volunteer role with CNETS Canada in 2010, Jackie joined the CNETS Canada Board of Directors in early 2011 and the Executive Committee in early 2012. Jackie was appointed to the role of President in late 2012. Jackie is committed to ensuring the Canadian NET cancer patient voice is heard and the mandate of CNETS Canada is carried out including patient support and education, disease awareness, NET specific research and optimum access to treatments and diagnostics for Canadian NET patients. Jackie is also co-founder of Gastric Cancer Canada, Canada’s only online patient support group for those affected by gastric cancer.

Amanda Rice
Vice President

AMANDA RICE is a motivated, results-driven professional with more than ten years of experience in developing insights and forming evidence-based strategies to solve business problems. Skilled at designing and executing complex projects to meet a variety of business objectives. She effective communicator with proven ability to build long-term relationships with stakeholders by establishing a high level of confidence and trust.
On February 23, 2010, Amanda’s husband was diagnosed with a pancreatic neuroendocrine tumour her life was changed forever. For the next four years, they navigated the healthcare system, sometimes successfully, sometimes not, met with many doctors, tried many drugs and experienced a billion different emotions along the way. They were lucky to find support from CNETS Canada. The conferences, patient education sessions and support groups were tremendously helpful in learning about treatments, but also getting to know others in the small community.

Floriana Cici

FLORIANA (Ana) CICI, is a highly experienced and knowledgeable business professional who works in the financial services industry. Ana’s personal connection to NETs lies with a family member who was diagnosed with Merkel Cell NETs. This personal connection motivated Ana to join Team Zebra Scotia In 2017 and she recruited additional members to the team to help us achieve the required number of members to apply for match funding from Scotiabank. Ana will use her business knowledge and personal experience to provide support on awareness raising objectives from the aspect of engaging the patient community.

Zoe Ignacio

ZOE IGNACIO, RN, BN, CON(C) is a registered nurse in oncology with over 15 years of oncological nursing experiences, in an in-patient and out-patient setting, to various types of cancer, including Neuroendocrine Cancers, and cancer treatment modalities. She is currently practicing as a research nurse in oncology and hematology in Manitoba. Zoe has been providing education sessions to oncology nurses on Neuroendocrine Cancers since 2018.

Zoe has been very engaged and incredibly focused on helping NET patients in Manitoba and beyond. Zoe’s appointment brings the valuable professional nursing perspective of the NET patient journey to our board and we anticipate her contribution will broaden our ability to assist the NET patient community. Zoe will support and provide expertise on awareness raising objectives and outreach within the medical community.


Majd Ghadban

Peter Fransham

Dr. Girish Shah

PROF. GIRISH SHAH, the recipient of “Outstanding Achievement in Carcinoid/ Neuroendocrine Tumor Research” in 2006 from the Carcinoid Cancer Foundation, Inc. of USA, is a Professor at the Faculty of Medicine at Laval University in Quebec City. He has been chief of the Laboratory for Skin Cancer Research at the CHU de Quebec (CHUL) Hospital Research Centre of Laval University since 1997. Prof. Shah’s research is focused on carcinoid neuroendocrine tumors and solar ultraviolet radiation-induced skin cancers with specific emphasis on DNA damage, DNA repair and cell death processes, all of which can influence either the development of these cancers or their resistance to therapy. Dr. Shah has authored 55 peer-reviewed articles, which have been cited more than 2,387 times in literature. In addition, he has authored 4 book chapters and 119 presentations at the meetings. Dr. Shah’s team, in collaboration with two carcinoid clinicians in Canada and USA, had earlier reported that nearly ¼ of the carcinoid neuroendocrine tumor patients suffer from subclinical niacin (vitamin B3) deficiency, an incidence that is much higher than pellagra, the clinical niacin deficiency syndrome reported in these patients. His recent work has identified how this biochemical anomaly can be exploited to improve efficiency of chemotherapy of carcinoid NET cancers. He is currently also the President of the Scientific & Medical Advisory Board of CNETS Canada.

Past Directors

  • Elissa Alter (deceased)

  • Dr. Carol Bates

  • Barbara Bell (deceased)

  • Pamela Bell

  • Carolyn Bennett

  • Pierrette Breton (deceased)

  • Maureen Coleman (deceased)

  • Linda Dean (deceased)

  • Dr. Al Driedger

  • Pooneh Fooladi

  • Sue Folinsbee

  • Laurie Gauthier (deceased)

  • Wendy Gillis (deceased)

  • Lyn Gaetz

  • Vernon Holt (deceased)

  • Barry Jackowich (deceased)

  • Garry Johnson (deceased)

  • Jim Kormos

  • Robert Logan (deceased)

  • Susan Oliver

  • Robert Otis

  • Brian Riden

  • Patrick Sandes (deceased)

  • Chris Silvestre

  • Julia Stinton

  • Dr. Jean- Luc Urbain

  • Boris Weiss