Mission, Vision and Core Values

//Mission, Vision and Core Values
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CNETS Vision and Mission Statement

Vision Statement

The Canadian Neuroendocrine Tumour Society (CNETS) is widely recognized by patients and the medical community across Canada as an organization that improves the quality of life and survival for NET patients in three ways:

  1. by raising awareness of the disease and the latest available  diagnostics and treatments;
  2. making sure that patients, caregivers, health care professionals and others have the information they need in the areas of medical and scientific research, treatment and support; and
  3. by supporting patients and helping them navigate the best care options.

Revised April 2016

Mission Statement

CNETS provides support and education for Canadians on all aspects of NeuroEndocrine Tumours (NETs). We help Canadian NET patients seek and obtain personalized diagnostic and therapeutic options. We also advocate on behalf of individual patients and for policies to support NET patients.  The organization does its work in collaboration with medical and scientific experts, stakeholders and partner associations.

Revised April 2016

Core Values


We care about our community and each other and demonstrate compassion and empathy in our responsiveness to everyone we come in contact with


We respect and value the perspectives of each other, our patient community, our supporters and our partners


We demonstrate integrity in all of our interactions through honesty, ethical conduct, accountability, transparency and fairness


We are passionate in our commitment to our patient community and their families, who are the core purpose of the organization


The support we provide to patients, the policy advice we offer to government, the value we create for our stakeholders is based on current scientific evidence and best medical practices


CNETS stakeholders benefit the most when we collaborate with other charities, the medical community, government and others