Why Give?

Why Give? 2018-02-06T18:28:54+00:00

Why giving is important to CNETS Canada

Canadian NET cancer patients are dying with an average life span of five to seven years from time of diagnosis. By 2025, with an investment of 5 million dollars, we can develop better diagnostic tools for early detection of NETs, and state-of-the art personalized therapies using various approaches. More importantly, future research directions will help us understand the causes (genetic, cellular, environmental) that turn our body’s normal neuroendocrine cells into a cancerous (NET) cell. Understanding the cause will allow us to focus on prevention of NET cancer.

Research is the game changer. Without it, we will never understand the cause of NET cancer. Nor will we be able to expedite diagnosis and develop state-of-the-art treatments. Research is the only thing that will make a difference. CNETS Canada’s priority is to fund high priority research projects that will lead to improved quality of life and survival for NET cancer patients in Canada.

For the last eight months, CNETS Canada has been working on a formal fundraising plan and approach to stewardship. CNETS Canada is launching four new fundraising clubs.

ZEBRA Club – Monthly donor

Noble NET Work Loyalty Club – $500 or more spanning 2 years

Tip Top Club – $5000 or more major gift givers 

Maureen Coleman Legacy Society – A bequest to CNETS Canada

We will be developing a donor wall on our web site to launch at the end of 2016 to acknowledge our donors.

Your gift will make a tremendous difference to NET patients. Thank you in advance!

How we help

donated to NET cancer research
visitors to online resources
annual patient email & phone inquiries
patient & caregiver education sessions
NET Reference Guides distributed
patients & caregivers attend Support Groups annually