Maureen Coleman Legacy Society

A bequest to CNETS Canada

Planned Giving provides you with various options to bequeath money or assets to CNETS Canada.

Make a legacy gift to CNETS Canada through the Maureen Coleman Legacy Society. This kind of gift can ensure the work that CNETS Canada does that you think is important continues into the future. Through a legacy gift you can support causes that are important to you through naming CNETS Canada as a beneficiary through a gift in your will (bequest), an existing or new life insurance policy, or your RRSP, RRIF or pension.

Your legacy gift will make a lasting contribution to support people who have NET cancer and to work towards finding a cure for this rare and misdiagnosed cancer.

For more information or to let us know that you have already made a legacy gift contact:
Jackie Herman, President of CNETS Canada at: