In March CNETS Canada reached out to the patient community through an online, anonymous survey to gather feedback and input on setting the research priorities for CNETS Canada sponsored grants for the next 2-3 years.

We received almost 200 responses from across Canada with 75% of the replies from patients. One of the most significant findings was 90% of respondents who have donated to NET research in the past, will continue to support NET cancer research in the future. 75% of respondents indicated the motivating factor for donating to NET research is “hoping for a cure”. When asked where should research funds be directed towards the community priorities were, clinical trials (74%), immunotherapy (50%), PRRT (48%), Ga68 (47%) and basic science (33%).

Based on the positive community feedback, CNETS Canada will launch the 2018 Call for NET Research Grant Applications with the community priorities for NET research as part of the eligibility criteria for applications.