Nominations – Please submit completed nomination submission as outlined below, in confidence to:


The Maureen Coleman Award recognizes an individual for their outstanding contribution to the neuroendocrine cancer patient community. The late Maureen Coleman was the Founder and Past-President of CNETS who passed away in 2013 from neuroendocrine cancer. Maureen was a remarkable woman with great vision, passion and compassion and she made a significant contribution to the neuroendocrine cancer community worldwide. In her honour, CNETS established the Maureen Coleman award to recognize exemplary dedication to this community.


Normally one award will be presented each year on or around NET Cancer Awareness Day, November 10th.


The Award is open to Canadians whose work or dedication has had a significant impact on the NET cancer community. The candidate is an individual who has demonstrated:
*    Exemplary commitment to the NET cancer community, in line with the Mission and Vision of CNETS
*    Unexpected, unusual, or new/high standard of excellence above and beyond what is normally expected
*    An outstanding contribution to NET patient experience and outcomes.
The outstanding quality of the contribution may derive from the result of a single project or activity, or the accumulation of efforts through consistent commitment over a period of time. The nominee can be a patient, caregiver, extended community member (i.e. fundraiser), medical professional, allied health care professional or researcher.


Nominations are to be submitted to CNETS and should include the following:
*    A letter of nomination giving rationale (up to 500 words) that specifically describes the contributions and achievements of the candidate;
*    Name of the nominee, employer (if applicable) and reason for the nomination. The Nominator must include their name, title, employer (if applicable) and contact email/phone number and address.
*    A nominee cannot be a current CNETS board member or a board member of an organization contracted by CNETS. If a member of the Award judging committee happens to be nominated, that individual shall be removed from the committee and replaced with another voting member.


The final decision will be made by CNETS Board of Directors with an announcement made to the community.

CNETS Board of Directors will from time to time review the Terms of Reference and advise on any changes to the granting criteria and the nominations process.