Vancouver 2010

The Theme of the Conference:
NeuroEndocrine Cancers: Networks of Expertise

Topics and Speakers

Welcome and Introduction – Maureen Coleman and Jim Kormos, President and Vice President CNETS Canada.

Session 1 – Chair: Dr. Ehud Ur.
An Overview of NETs: The Need for Networks of Expertise – Dr. Richard R.P. Warner
The Spectrum of Neuroendocrine Tumours – Dr. Simron Singh
Pathology of NETs – Dr. Sylvia Asa.
Chemotherapy and Biologic Therapy. What’s new in 2010 – Dr. Edward M Wolin

Session 2 – Chair: Dr. Edward M. Wolin
Multi Modality Patient Management Discussions
(Panel represents multidisciplinary specialties with access to full range of current multimodal resources)
Panel: Dr. Eric Krenning, Dr. Eugene Woltering, Dr. Aaron Vinik, Dr. Dermot O’Toole, .Dr. Bryan Dias, Dr. Sue O’Dorisio, Dr. Sylvia Asa, Dr. David Liu, Dr. Janice Pasieka.

Session 3 – Surgery – Chair: Dr. Eric Liu

The Importance of Removing Primary and Secondary Tumors – Dr. Rodney Pommier
The Surgery of Lung NETs – Dr. Christian Sirois

Session 4 – Chair: Dr. Ehud Ur
Carcinoid Syndrome – What we have learned from the patients. – Dr. Janice Pasieka

Former North Vancouver MP, Don Bell will speak about the 2008 Rare Disorders Private Member’s Bill. (The Bill passed first and second reading in Ferderal Parliament in 2008 but died on the table following a Federal Election that year).

Session 5 – Chair: Prof. Joy Ardill

Neuroendocrine Hormones: Why are they important? – Dr. Tony Heaney

Session 6 – NeuroEndocrine Research – Chair: Prof. Girish Shah – Research Session A
Circulating markers and prognostic indicators for NETs – Prof. Joy Ardill
In vitro receptor work in the MC Erasmus, Rotterdam lab – Dr. Wouter de Herder
Discovery of novel therapeutic approaches for CNETs using animal and cellular models – Prof. Girish Shah
Possible mechanism of NeuroEndocrine Tumor Chemo-Resistance – Dr. Tom O’Dorisio

Session 7 – NeuroEndocrine Research Continued – Chair: Prof. Girish Shah – Research Session B
Sunitinib on Pancreatic endocrine tumours and MTOR in malignant insulinoma – Dr. Aaron Vinik
What’s new in NETs research – are all of your tumors the same? – Dr. Eugene Woltering

Session 8 – Chair: Dr. Ehud Ur – Clinical Trials
Clinical Trials: Their Importance and Relevance for GI Neuroendocrine Tumours – Dr. Daniel Rayson
Overview of Current and Planned Trials for Neuroendocrine Tumours – Dr. Hagen Kennecke
Ongoing Clinical Trials of Radioembolization in Neuroendocrine Tumours – Dr. Riad Salem

Neuroendocrine Tumours and Personalized Medicine: The Barry Jackowich Memorial Lecture – Dr. Jean-Luc Urbain

Session 1- Chair: Dr. Rodney Pommier

The Hard to Find Primary from the perspective of Surgery and Imaging – Dr. Eric Liu
Mesenteric Resections – Dr. Eric Liu

Session 2 – Chair: Dr. Edward M Wolin
The Importance of Somatostatin Analogues – Dr. Edward M Wolin

Session 3 – Chair: Dr. Walter Kocha
Novel oral chemotherapy for metastatic pancreatic neuroendocrine cancers – Dr. Larry Kvols

Session 4 – Keynote Speech – Chair: Dr. Richard RP Warner
Expertise in NETWORLD: Illusion, Delusion or a Distant Reality? – Dr. Irvin Modlin

Session 5 – Chair: Dr. Aaron Vinik
Genetics of NETs – Dr. Sue O’Dorisio

Session 6 – Chair: Dr. Eugene Woltering

Multi Modality Patient Management Discussions
(Panel representing multidisciplinary specialties with access to full range of current multimodal resources)
Dr. John Buscombe, Dr. Richard R.P. Warner, Dr. Sharlene Gill, Dr .Rodney Pommier, Prof Joy Ardill, Dr. Walter Kocha, Dr. Tom O’Dorisio, Dr. Wouter deHerder

Session 7 – Chair: Dr. Wouter deHerder
Endoscopic ultrasound (EUS) and EUS-guided fine needle biopsy in the diagnosis and management of neuroendocrine tumours in 2010 – Dr. Dermot O’Toole

Session 8 – Chair: Dr. Christian Sirois
Diagnosis and Treatment of Lung Carcinoid Patients – Dr. Dan Granberg

Introduction to the role of the NET Nurse Practitioner. – Shirleen Chase
Shirleen will be available for informal concurrent sessions during the conference in conjunction with Clinical Nurse Specialist Riselda Granberg in an adjacent room.

Session 9 – Chair: Dr. Ralph Wong

Cardiac Carcinoid Disease and Management -Dr. Bryan Dias

Session 10 – Chair: Dr. Tony Heaney
Interventional Radiology: Locoregional Therapies for NETs: Ablative Therapies – Dr. David Liu
Chemo-embolizations & Y90 – Dr. Riad Salem

Session 11 – Chair: Dr. Larry Kvols
Guidelines in NETs. Their Rise and Limitations – Dr. Walter Kocha

Session 12 – Chair: Dr. Al Driedger – Nuclear Medicine Session

Is there a logical approach to imaging in NETs? – Dr. John Buscombe
PRRT in the context of molecular and personalized medicine and future directions with regards to PRRT, based on animal research projects – Dr. Eric Krenning
Treatment with 177Lutetium-DOTA-Tyr3-octreotate in patients with neuroendocrine tumours – Dr. Dan Granberg
Treatment with Y-90 DOTATATE the UK experience – Dr. John Buscombe
Isotope Treatment of bone metastases – Dr. Robert Reid
131I-mIBG in the treatment of patients with neuroendocrine tumours – Dr. Sandy McEwan

Session 1-.Guidelines for the Management of NeuroEndocrine Tumours – Chair: Dr. Sandy McEwan Presentations and Panel Discussions
Canadian Guidelines – Dr. Ralph Wong, Dr. Walter Kocha.
NANETS Guidelines – Dr. Larry Kvols. Dr. Sue Odorisio
ENETS Guidelines – Dr. Wouter deHerder, Dr. Dermot OToole
UKINETS Guidelines – Prof Joy Ardill, Dr. John Buscombe

Session 2 – Where to from here: The Shape of 21st century Management and Care for all NeuroEndocrine Tumour and Cancer patients. – Chair: Dr. Tom O’Dorisio

The Patient work of the NET Nurse Practitioner and NET Clinical Nurse Specialist: – Shirleen Chase and Riselda Granberg. (Barclay Gilford room and Lobby). Please check for schedule.

CNETS Canada Organizing Task Force

Dr. Kathy Arbanasin, California, USA
Dr. Carol Bates, Director, CNETS Canada
Maureen Coleman, President, CNETS Canada
Dr. Al Driedger, Professor Emeritus, Canada
Jim Kormos, Vice President, CNETS Canada
Prof. Girish Shah, Director, CNETS Canada
Silvia Steinhilber, Treasurer, CNETS Canada
Dr. Jean Luc Urbain, Director, CNETS Canada

Summarized List of Speakers

Prof Joy Ardill, Clinical Scientist, Regional Regulatory Peptide Lab, Belfast, N. Ireland, UK
Prof Sylvia Asa, Pathologist, Toronto, Ontario.
Dr. John Buscombe, Nuclear Medicine, Royal Free, London, UK
Shirleen Chase, Surgical Oncology Nurse Practitioner, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN
Dr. Wouter de Herder, Consultant Endocrinologist, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, Holland
Dr. Bryan Dias, Cardiologist, London, Ontario
Dr. Al Driedger, Professor Emeritus, Nuclear Medicine, London, Ontario
Dr. Dan Granberg, Endocrine Oncologist, University Hospital, Uppsala, Sweden
Dr. Tony Heaney, Neuroendocrinologist, David Geffen School, Los Angeles, CA
Dr. Hagen Kennecke, Medical Oncologist, Vancouver, BC
Dr. Walter Kocha, Medical Oncologist, London, Ontario Prof
Dr. Eric Krenning, Nuclear Medicine, Rotterdam, Holland
Dr. Larry Kvols, Internal Medicine, Oncologist, Florida, US
Dr. David Liu, Interventional Radiologist, Vancouver, BC and Los Angeles, US.
Dr. Eric H Liu, Surgical Oncologist, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Tennessee.
Dr. Sandy Mc Ewan, Nuclear Medicine, Edmonton, Alberta.
Dr. Irvin Modlin, Prof Gastroenterological Surgery, Yale U, Massachusetts, US
Dr. Sue O’Dorisio, Pediatric NETs, Iowa City, Iowa.
Dr. Thomas O’Dorisio, Endocrinologist, Iowa City, Iowa
Dr. Dermot O’Toole, Consultant Gastroenterologist/Pancreatologist & Senior Lecturer, St James’s Hospital & Trinity College Dublin
Dr. Janice Pasieka, Surgical Oncologist, Calgary Alberta
Dr. Rodney Pommier, Surgical Oncologist, Portland, Oregon
Dr. Daniel Rayson, Medical Oncologist, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Dr. Robert H Reid, Nuclear Medicine, London, Ontario.
Dr. Riad Salem, Interventional Radiologist, Northwestern U, Chicago
Dr. Christian Sirois, Thoracic Surgeon, McGill University Health Centre, Montreal
Prof Girish Shah, Researcher, Laval University, Quebec City, QC.
Dr. Simron Singh, Odette Cancer Centre, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Dr. Ehud Ur, Neuroendocrinologist, Head,Division of Endocrinology, University of British Columbia
Dr. Jean-Luc Urbain, Nuclear Medicine, London, Ontario
Dr. Aaron Vinik, Endocrinologist, EVMS, Norfolk, Virginia
Dr. Richard RP Warner, Professor of Gastroenterology, New York, NY.
Dr. Edward Wolin, Medical Oncologist, Cedars Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA.
Dr. Eugene Woltering, Surgical Oncology, New Orleans, Louisiana
Dr. Ralph Wong, – St Boniface Hospital, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Dr. Janice Wright, Inspire Health, Vancouver, BC.
Carol Thatcher, Inspire Health, Vancouver, BC.