Montreal 2009

Our theme for this conference was: NeuroEndocrine Cancers: The Case for Research, Education, and the Expert Team.

Conference Learning Objectives:

  • Explore diagnosis and treatment options, medically, surgically, and through targeted nuclear and radiotherapeutic options, for patients suspected of having neuroEndocrine tumours.
  • Examine fundamental and clinical research aimed at understanding the causes of, and possible therapies for, NeuroEndocrine malignancies.
  • Recognize the benefits of a team model approach to health care and the collaborative interaction between health care professionals and patients in the assessment and treatment of NeuroEndocrine malignancies.

Session 1: Diagnosis and Treatment: The Jouney Unfolds – Chair: Dr. Peter Metrakos

Classification of NETs: Application and Implications – Dr. Juan Rivera

Staging Systems for NETs: The Importance of a Well Reported Biopsy. – Dr. Ramila Amre

Modalities of Treatment for NETs: Timing and Sequence: When, Where, How – Dr. Peter Metrakos

Session 2: Surgery: First Line of Defence – Chair: Dr. Peter Metrakos

When the Tumour Invades the Mesenterium and the Lymph Nodes: What Can Be Done About it? – Dr. Lucas Sideris

How do We Deal with Liver Metastases? – Dr. Prosanto Chaudhury

Our Experience with Radioembolization – Dr. Mazen Hassanain

Session 3: Understanding and Managing Lung Carcinoids – Chair: Dr. Dan Granberg

Lung NETs 101
Dr. Dan Granberg, Uppsala, Sweden (English)
The Surgery of Lung NETs
Dr. Christian Sirois, Thoracic Surgeon, McGill University Health Centre (French)
When Surgery is Not Enough
Dr. Dan Granberg (English)

Session 4: The Crucial Role of Nuclear Medicine: Chair: Dr. Al Driedger

State of the Art in Canada – Dr. Al Driedger (English)

Octreotide, SPECT-CT and other scans…what you need to know – Dr. Marc Hickeson

14 Years of Experience with Radiopeptide Therapy using 90Y and 177 Lu DOTATOC – Dr. Jan Muller-Brand

Session 5: Psycho-Social Aspects of the NET Problem – Chair: Elissa Alter

Patients’ Perspectives on the Difficulties Diagnosing NeuroEndocrine Tumours: A Qualitative Study (English) – Dr. Deana Midmer

Session 6: Genetics of NETs – Chair: Dr. Juan Rivera

The Value of Genetic Testing in NETs – Dr. William Foulkes

Session 7: National Consensus Statement – Chair: Dr. Jean Maroun

The Canadian Consensus for the Management of NETs – Dr. Jean Maroun (English)

Guidelines in NETs. Their Rise and Limitations – Dr. Walter Kocha (English)

Informal thoughts on the European Consensus Statement – Dr. Jan Muller-Brand (English)

Concurrent Sessions

  • Lung Carcinoid
    Dr. Dan Granberg
  • Nuclear Medicine
    Dr. Al Driedger, Dr. Jan Muller-Brand
  • Psycho-Social Issues
    Dr. Deana Midmer

Session 8: Identify Best Practices, Build a Strategic Vision for 21st Century NET Patient Care – Co-Chairs: Dr. Al Driedger and Jim Kormos

Four Concurrent Work Groups provide input on focus questions

Summary Presentations from the four Work Groups

Building a Strategic Vision to promote and create Pan Canadian Centres of NET Excellence

List of Speakers

Dr. Ramila Amre
Royal Victoria Hospital
Montreal, Quebec

Dr. Prosanto Chaudhury
Hepatobiliary Surgeon
Royal Victoria Hospital
Montreal, Quebec

Dr. Al Driedger
Department of Nuclear Medicine
London Health Sciences Centre
Professor Emeritus
University of Western Ontario
London, Ontario

Dr. William D Foulkes
Geneticist, McGill University

Dr. Dan Granberg
Faculty of Medicine
Uppsala University
Assistant Head, Department of Endocrine Oncology
Uppsala University Hospital
Uppsala, Sweden

Dr. Mazen Hassanain
Hepatobiliary Surgeon
Royal Victoria Hospital
Montreal, Quebec

Dr. Mark Hickeson
Department of Nuclear Medicine
McGill University Health Centre, Montreal

Dr. Walter Kocha
Medical Oncologist
London Health Sciences Centre
London, Ontario

Dr. Jean Maroun
Ottawa Hospital
Ottawa, Ontario

Dr. Peter Metrakos
Hepatobiliary Surgeon
Royal Victoria Hospital
Montreal, Quebec

Dr. Deana Midmer
Associate Professor and Research Scholar
Department of Family & Community Medicine
Faculty of Medicine
University of Toronto
Toronto, Ontario

Dr. Jan Muller-Brand
Head, Institute of Nuclear Medicine
University Hospital Basel
Basel, Switzerland

Dr. Juan Rivera
Royal Victoria Hospital
Montreal, Quebec

Dr. Lucas Sideris
Hepatobiliary Surgeon
Hopital Maisonneuve- Rosement
Montreal, Quebec

Dr. Christian Sirois
Thoracic Surgeon
McGill University Health Centre, Montreal