As we start 2019 we bid farewell to a long-time board member and welcome three new board members to CNETS Canada’s Board of Directors.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Silvia Steinhilber as she retires from the board. Silvia first became involved with CNETS Canada when she was researching Carcinoid on behalf of her husband Garry, who had been diagnosed with the disease. Silvia was Garry’s caregiver until his passing in 2018. Silva has made a tremendous contribution to the work of CNETS Canada as one of the founding members of the Board of Directors. Silvia was a former Treasurer of CNETS Canada and a member of the Executive Committee. Most recently Silvia was the Director of Patient Support and Volunteers. Now, after almost 30 years of dealing with this disease as caregiver Silvia is entering the next phase of her life and we thank her for her commitment to the NET community and sincerely wish her all the best.

We are delighted to announce the appointment of three new board members to CNETS Canada’s Board of Directors.

Zoe Ignacio, RN: Zoe is a registered nurse with Cancer Care Manitoba and works with Dr. Ralph Wong, Oncology Lead at Cancer Care Manitoba. Dr. Wong and Zoe provide care for many of Manitoba’s NET patient population. Zoe has been very engaged and incredibly focused on helping NET patients in Manitoba and beyond. Zoe’s appointment brings the valuable professional nursing perspective of the NET patient journey to our board and we anticipate her contribution will broaden our ability to assist the NET patient community. Zoe will support and provide expertise on awareness raising objectives and outreach within the medical community.

Floriana Cici: Floriana (Ana) is a highly experienced and knowledgeable business professional who works in the financial services industry. Ana’s personal connection to NETs lies with a family member who was diagnosed with Merkel Cell NETs. This personal connection motivated Ana to join Team Zebra Scotia In 2017 and she recruited additional members to the team to help us achieve the required number of members to apply for match funding from Scotiabank. Ana will use her business knowledge and personal experience to provide support on awareness raising objectives from the aspect of engaging the patient community.

Lyn Gaetz: Lyn is a NET patient and member of the Toronto Support Group who is actively engaged with CNETS Canada and has been a strong NET patient advocate on many fronts. Lyn also participated as a member of Team Zebra last year to fundraise for NET research. Lyn is a retired School Principal who brings a great deal of board experience with her, having chaired a Board of Directors of a non-profit organization. As a patient Lyn brings special passion for our cause and will provide expertise on our donor recognition program.

The appointment of these three new board members complements the passion, dedication and expertise of our current board and positions CNETS Canada for continued success towards our mission and vision.

Jackie Herman
President, CNETS Canada

2019 CNETS Canada Board of Directors:
Jackie Herman, President
Dr. Jean Luc Urbain, Vice-President
Vernon Holt, Secretary/Treasurer
Floriana Cici
Lyn Gaetz
Zoe Ignacio, RN
Amanda Rice
Dr. Girish Shah
Chris Silvestre