#HoofingIt across Canada to fight one of the fastest-growing class of cancers


Canadian Neuroendocrine Tumour Society (CNETS) launches fundraising challenge at Peggy’s Cove

July 1, 2020

HALIFAX­ – Neuroendocrine cancer patients, survivors, their family, friends and supporters are working together to trek across Canada beginning July 1 to raise awareness and funds for neuroendocrine cancer awareness and research initiatives.

“Our biggest annual fundraising drive looks different this year, but with #HoofingIt we are as excited as ever to work together to support neuroendocrine cancer research and raise awareness about this often-misdiagnosed class of cancers,” said Jackie Herman, President of CNETS Canada. “Participants of all ages from across Canada will walk, hike, run, bike, kayak, swim – however they want to rack up the kilometers – our goal is to reach $100,000 and a cumulative 5,514 kms which represents the total distance from Newfoundland and Labrador to the Yukon!”

Neuroendocrine cancer survivor Sharon Needham, who calls Halifax home, is leading the launch event at Peggy’s Cove. As she approaches the five year anniversary of her diagnosis, her biggest hope is that others will receive faster diagnosis and better care.

“It took seven years to diagnose my lung neuroendocrine cancer, which is a horribly long time to be that ill and not know what’s wrong,” said Needham. “I was one of the lucky ones because my cancer was slow-progressing and at stage two, but by the time most patients are diagnosed, the cancer has metastasized and is at stage four. More awareness and research about this class of cancers is needed to increase earlier diagnosis, survivability and improve treatments.”

CNETS aims to raise $100,000 between July 1 and September 7. All participants are welcome to join as an individual or as part of a challenge team with a minimum donation of $100. One hundred per cent of all funds received by CNETS will go toward Canadian neuroendocrine cancer research.

The Canadian Neuroendocrine Tumour Society (CNETS) champions for all neuroendocrine cancer patients, providing online and in-person peer-led support, patient and caregiver education, and advocates on behalf of patients for access to treatments and diagnostics. CNETS is the only Canadian charitable organization supporting the neuroendocrine cancer patient community.