Meet Bonnie Jensen

“I donate to CNETS Canada because I hope that research will come up with something and that the public is made more aware of this rare cancer. It’s not going to go away. With funding comes research, and with research, help for people down the road. I know it’s a long road.”

Bonnie Jensen – Richmond, Ontario

Bonnie works with her husband in the real estate business. She has been in real estate for thirty-seven years. She and her husband live in the country near Richmond outside of Ottawa. She likes to read a lot and travel, but travelling is difficult because of the business. Her good friend Sherry is a NET patient. Donating to CNETS Canada is a way she can support her friend.

How has CNETS Canada made a difference?

“CNETS Canada gives people hope that we are working towards something that will help others. It gives the patients and their families something to focus on. The web site and patient materials are very professional and well done.”

What is one piece of advice you have for CNETS Canada going forward?

“If at all possible get a major donor behind you, preferably someone who has gone through NET cancer.”

What do you want from CNETS Canada as a donor?

I just want a simple ‘thank you’.”

What motivates you as a donor?

“We contribute to causes that touch our families and friends.  There are no other factors. We like to support local causes as well. I understand that some of the money needs to go towards running the organization.”