Meet John Folinsbee

“I donate to CNETS Canada because of my personal connection to my sister Sue and my brother-in-law Howard who has neuroendocrine cancer. Without this connection, I would never have known about this disease.”

John Folinsbee (with his wife Susan) – Kamloops, BC

John Folinsbee is a retired mineral processing engineer who has been married to Susan for 33 years. They have a son James who is 22 years old and numerous pets.  John has many hobbies. He enjoys cycling, flying (he has a pilot’s licence), playing the guitar and leaning new songs.

How has CNETS Canada made a difference?

 “I think the materials that CNETS Canada produces are an excellent resource for those who have the disease. The web site is great and well laid out. It is the face of CNETS Canada and will attract people who are diagnosed for the first time. It makes a big difference to people. The web site is very complete and covers all the bases. I can find everything I need to get help. The layout and graphics are nicely done. I like that you can also connect through facebook and Twitter.”

What appeals to you most about the work CNETS Canada does?

 “The work that appeals to me the most is the support and education for the people who have the disease. Being a resource for patients and their loved ones is so important. The research is essential too.  Number one is the support, resources, and education because that support is needed on an ongoing basis regardless.”

What do you want from CNETS Canada as a donor?

 “I want the kind of information that is on the web site. It’s important to know the state of the latest research and the outcomes of that research. It’s important to know how the donation has been used and what the results were—‘we got to first base with the research.’  Tell donors what additional work is needed and launch an appeal for more funds. Include what it will cost over the next few years. As a donor I want to know if my donation has made a difference.  Thanks is important too.”

What motivates you as a donor?

 “The key factors that motivate me are faith, family and friendships. On the faith side, you love your neighbour as yourself. If a family member is affected by a disease, we do what we can. In terms of relationships, we find out about people’s needs.  You have to prioritize your giving.”