Meet Lyn Gaetz

Lyn Gaetz – 1948- 2021 (IN MEMORIAM)

“CNETS Canada has made a difference to me as a patient by connecting me to other patients so I know I am not alone with this disease.”

Lyn Gaetz is a retired school principal who was diagnosed with NETS in 2016. Her primary tumour is in her small intestine with metastases to her liver and lymph nodes. Lyn enjoys singing in the choir, playing the harp, attending concerts and spending time with her family. She is currently actively involved as a patient partner in the University Health Network in Toronto.

Lyn Gaetz – Toronto, ON

What has been your involvement with CNETS Canada?

I have attended local patient information days, a support group and the national conference. I am a new member on the Board of Directors.”

How has CNETS Canada made a difference?

“I went for over a year after my diagnosis not knowing about the wonderful resources that CNETS Canada offers. Finding out about the support group, the website, the Facebook page and the conferences made a huge difference for me. I learned so much about the disease and felt reassured that others were going through similar experiences.”

What if CNETS Canada did not exist?

“NETs patients would have much less information about their disease. This information empowers patients to seek out the best treatment plans for themselves. CNETS Canada funds research into this disease, which benefits patients directly.”

What parts of our work have you benefitted from the most?

“The NET Reference Guide has been an immense help to me as I navigated my way through various treatments.”

What do you want from CNETS Canada as a patient?

“I would like CNETS Canada to continue providing the valuable resources that they do, to continue to advocate to increase awareness of this disease and to provide ongoing funding for Canadian research.”