Meet Jane Brennan

“I donate to CNETS Canada because we need more research. The more people give, the more opportunities there are for research and a cure. You don’t think about it until you are affected.”

Jane Brennan (with her fiance Jim) – Ottawa, ON

Jane Brennan was born and raised in Newfoundland. She moved to Ottawa in 1993.  Since 2010, she has been an executive director in continuum of care homes. Presently, she manages a home with 174 beds. Her fiancé Jim has NET cancer.

How has CNETS Canada made a difference?

“I attended a support group meeting in Ottawa where I met Sherry and Fred, the support group leaders.  The support group is a place where where everyone understands what you are going through.  The group was reassuring and fantastic. I always know who to contact to get questions answered and I will never be alone.  The group is such a resource, I can’t imagine not having it.  I always read the CNETS web site and I have done a lot of research on NET cancer. When we went back to the oncologist, I was well informed.”

What appeals to you most about the work CNETS Canada does?

“What appeals to me the most is that you are connecting people so they are not alone. That’s huge.  Also, CNETS Canada is up-to-date on everything that is happening around the world and what clinical trials are happening in Canada. CNETS Canada provides a lot of information. I went through everything on the web site and it was very helpful. You do a great job with it. I thought the patient handbook was amazing.”

What do you want from CNETS Canada as a donor?

 “I would like to see more research and what is happening in other countries. They seem to be further ahead. There is no NET specialist in Ottawa. We are a bit of a minority. The cancer has a huge impact on our lives and needs to be managed. We need to focus on more awareness and fundraising should be getting bigger. ”

What motivates you as a donor?

“I think it’s because I live it. My mother had Alzheimer’s, my dad had diabetes, and now Jim. When something affects me, I cannot see myself not donating. ”